Grant Funded Raised Gardens

Grant Funded Raised Gardens
Posted on 03/15/2023
GardeningIn collaboration with CREC and Glastonbury, GEHMS received a substantial grant to build raise bed gardens at our school! This is an amazing opportunity to consider where our food comes and truly participate in a "farm to table" type experience!

The overall goal of the GEHMS CTG4CTK project is to provide trans-disciplinary gardening learning experiences that focus on inquiry across the school’s curriculum while encouraging students to develop positive attitudes toward fresh produce through growing their own food and learning healthy ways to prepare the produce for consumption.

Students will:

1: Building Raised Bed Gardens Project
2: Integrated School Garden Lessons and Activities
3: Field Trips and School Visits
4: Sharing Produce

This project will take place between this spring and the fall of next year. Each grade level will have their own garden bed divided into three sections and each class will decide what vegetables/fruits will be grown in their section. It is my hope that the vegetables/fruits reflect the diversity of our school cultures.