Staff Directory

Main Office
Hummel, Kristi Principal [email protected]
Lawrence, Carlos Assistant Principal [email protected]
Busby, Shannon Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Palowski, Lucy Receptionist [email protected]
Nancy Santiago Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Gerich, Jen Nurse [email protected]
Foster, Chris Behavior Interventionist [email protected]
Yacheline Vazquez Security [email protected]
PK Team
Clow, Lisa Teacher [email protected]
Vega, Melissa Teacher [email protected]
Sullivan, Heather Teacher [email protected]
K Team
Cordova, Lisa Teacher [email protected]
Rau, Brooke Teacher [email protected]
Quimby-Gupta, Monica Teacher [email protected]
Grade 1 Team
Senick, Jennifer Teacher [email protected]
Raffalo, Sheri Teacher [email protected]
Berent, Laura Teacher [email protected]
Grade 2 Team
Vazquez, Yazmin Teacher [email protected]
Serrano-Stanco, Ana Teacher [email protected]
Aviles, Todd Teacher [email protected]
Grade 3 Team
D’Amico, Traci Teacher [email protected]
Martin, Jessica Teacher [email protected]
Romprey, Angela Teacher [email protected]
Grade 4 Team
Saunders, Deborah Teacher [email protected]
Rogers, Kavitha Teacher [email protected]
Klementon, Lora Teacher [email protected]
Grade 5 Team
Moore, Jean Teacher [email protected]
Yencho, Mary Jean Teacher [email protected]
Garbart, Michelle Teacher [email protected]
Specialists Team
Heather Day Chinese [email protected]
D’Agostino, Katie Art [email protected]
Maki, Kevin Music [email protected]
Grochowski, Greg Physical Education [email protected]
Wilson, Terry Science Specialist twilson
Gagnon, Tracy Library/Media [email protected]
Vestergaard, Hiroe Technology [email protected]
Support Team
Brown-Greene, Kim Family Liaison [email protected]
Soucy, Jill Social Worker [email protected]
Green, Christina Social Worker [email protected]
Conley, Natalie Social Worker [email protected]
Thomen, Veronica Reading Teacher, tutor [email protected]
Rogers, Kavitha Culture & Equity Coach [email protected]
Cruz, Janelly Special Education [email protected]
Friedlander, Tiffany Special Education [email protected]
Nieves,Kristiann Special Education [email protected]
Probert, Sheri Special Education [email protected]
Peach, Christina Instructional Coach [email protected]
Zaffina, Beth Special Education [email protected]
Dawn Orzolek Occupational Therapist [email protected]
DeJesus, Erica Speech and Language [email protected]
Whittaker, Aideen Speech and Language [email protected]
Grohs, Elizabeth Speech and Language [email protected]
Lopez, Maridayls Multi Language [email protected]